Starting Statistics: Edit

  • Health: 10
  • Mind: 10
  • Infection: 4

When the apocalypse began, many locked themselves away or fled the suburbs, but for those who lived in urban areas there was no place to go. After radiation, constant undead attacks, famine, disease, and all the other horrors, these people also faced the most virulent forms of the virus. This strain mutated into something not unlike the reanimated dead that constantly threatened their lives, with mottled skin and rotting flesh. In order to distinguish themselves from the undead, Retrogrades often don brightly colored masks - a signal to others that the person behind them is intelligent and reasonable rather than a mindless monster. Some also use these masks to hide features that the rest of society views as ugly and dangerous. Others forgo masks and openly flaunt their rotten features to protest the Strainism their kind faces, but they often meet their end at the hands of an unknowing and trigger-happy survivor.

Requirements Edit

Retrogrades resemble corpses with skeletal features, sunken faces, and mottled skin. Most typically wear masks to avoid being mistaken for a zombie. These masks are usually brightly colored and decorated, but cary greatly; the nature of the mask itself reflects the personality and history of the wearer. Retrogrades without masks must use makeup, facial prosthetics and/or skeletal masks to create a zombie-like appearance. It should be plainly obvious that a Retrograde's face looks like a withered corpse. It is also optional to use similar makeup on any other exposed skin. As far as fashion, Retrogrades do not have a distinct style, though they often take cues from the clothing of the dominant strain where they grew up. A Retrograde should not ever be easily mistaken for another Strain, however, due to their skeletal appearance and masks.

Advantages Edit

Available Skills at 3 points each:

Half Life: Retrogrades talk half damage from all Radiation sources, rounded down.

Disadvantages Edit

Rot Face: Retrogrades are hideously mutated and have the effective appearance of undead. In a shoot first and don't ask questions environment, this often causes a fatal first impression.

Unfriendly Face: Retrogrades must spend two additional Mind Points when attempting to use Charisma when not wearing a mask.

WARNING: Retrogrades all become particularly dangerous types of zombies after the infection takes a strong enough hold - and everyone knows it. Some say Goliaths and Moving Mounts started as Retrogrades. Some cities order that any Retrogrades that fall during combat are not to be allowed to get back up, and Retrogrades emerging from the Morgue can expect to be greeted with extreme suspicion if not outright hostility until their living status can be confirmed.