Although most people in Japan did not survive the fall, many of their traditions did. Genjian don't necessarily share a Japanese heritage (after all, the word itself comes from the pre-fall word for "outsider"), but they do share a wish to maintain its cultural customs. The original Genjian were sent out to repopulate the devastated human population, and were the last to succumb to the infection and become a Strain.

Starting Stats Edit

  • Health: 6
  • Mind: 6
  • Infection: 5

Strain Requirements and Traits Edit

Genjian dress in a mix of ancient and modern Asian styles, particularly (but not always) Japanese. There are two main groups: the "Cranes" who lean more toward ancient practices and philosophies of their pre-fall cultures, and "Tigers" who draw inspiration from technology and culture just before the fall. All Genjian have a strong sense of honor and communalism, putting their family and settlement before themselves.

Advantages Edit

The following skills are available for 3 points each:

Social Observer: after silently watching an organized social event (ex: dinner, religious rite, party, etc.) for 20 minutes, a Genjian may approach an individual and spend 5 Mind to utilize Charisma. This may be done more than once to any participants of the same social event. This bypasses the conversation requirement for Charisma.

Know Your Enemy: If a Genjian uses Analyze Creature and has the appropriate Lore for the enemy's creature type or Strain, they inflict an additional point of damage with brawling, melee, thrown, or bow attacks against that enemy.

Disadvantages Edit

The Long Walk: Genjian must follow a specific ritual when their infection drops to 1. They gather their friends together and give away everything they own except one weapon, then find a silent place to commit suicide. If they are interrupted or stabilized/healed before their final death, they immediately rise up as a rank 4 Burster. Staff should be consulted in advance.

Honor Bound: Genjian may demand recompense or an honor duel with any who tarnish their family name.